Parish Preservations Funds

St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s Preservation Funds - $1,750,000
Both St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s have beautiful, historic churches and buildings that require preservation and upkeep. It is our goal to create funds for each church that will meet the cost of taking care of these buildings, so they remain beautiful and functional well into the future. These preservation funds will be combined with the existing building funds at each parish, so that each church will have a separate fund to meet its continued building and capital needs. Each parish will continue to have oversight of building and funding priorities, with larger dedicated resources to preserve and enhance our worship spaces and campuses.

St. Mary’s Resource Preservation Team (RPT) has a list of ongoing projects that the church will need to complete in order to keep our existing campus in good repair, and to provide funds for improvements as they are needed in the future. In the last ten years, we have restored the sanctuary to a style consistent with the original architecture; begun a restoration of our nineteenth-century stained-glass windows; installed a new boiler and radiant heat system; and replaced the roof of the original school building, which today serves our faith formation programs. 
Upcoming projects, which we will undertake as campaign funds allow, call for the following:
• A new roof on the church building and the steeple • New carpet inside of church
• Improvements to parking lot • Completion of window restoration
• New rectory plumbing • Organ improvements
St. Michael’s has accomplished a great deal in the past ten years. We have focused on repairing and preserving many areas of the campus, including restoration of the historic steeple; creation of new front steps and a new wall at the main entrance; and tuck pointing of the exterior of the church building. With the help of noted church architect Duncan Stroik, St. Michael’s recently created a master plan that will ensure that any future changes to our beautiful sanctuary will be in keeping with the design proper for this historic, sacred space. This plan will continue to build on the improvements that were made to return the church to its historic beauty in 1994.
With the campaign funds, St. Michael’s will undertake multiple needed projects and improvements, including:
• Painting and plastering the interior of the church to repair cracks, peeling paint, and discoloration
• Improving the sound system and lighting to function better and to improve energy-efficiency
• Soundproofing and improving the interior of St. Michael’s confessionals