SCCS Endowment Fund

A strong and perpetually-growing endowment fund is a critical solution to the school’s ability to self-sustain. With a healthy endowment, SCCS can reduce reliance on parish subsidies, tuition, and short-term fundraising for the school’s annual operating budget. Best of all, the endowment fund makes annual investments in our children, while preserving your gift in perpetuity. Presently, the SCCS Endowment Fund has a total investment balance of $1.3 million, and, at a target annual distribution rate of 4% on 5-yr average balance, is currently contributing approximately $40,000 to the school’s annual operating budget. Since inception, cumulative distributions from the school endowment fund total $210,000 through December 2018. Through this campaign, we are aiming to add a minimum of $1.45 million in gifts. In five years, with reasonably favorable market returns, the estimated annual distribution from the endowment fund could be nearing $100,000 representing a much more substantial contribution to the school’s annual operating budget. The chart below demonstrates this financial growth opportunity.