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School office hours this week: Monday, Aug 19 and Wednesday, Aug 21 from 1:00-4:00 pm. Meet the Teacher, Picture Day and Ice Cream Social this Thursday, Aug 22 from 3:00-5:30 pm.
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Student Council

Congratulations to our new Student Council Reps 

The emphasis on 8th grade leadership has extended into re-defining the roles for the student council officers. Eighth grade classes discussed and crafted a list of expected responsibilities for this year's Student Council. Students then had the opportunity to run for the offices and give a speech before the entire Middle School with the goal of explaining how each would meet and exceed these responsibilities. Voting took place last Friday in history classes. The results are now in:President - Nick Gag
Vice President - Bakange Ajak
Secretary - Lily Mohr
Public Relations - Jack Still
In the coming weeks these officers will meet to outline the program for the Student Council this year and identify the responsibilities for the advisory representatives. Voting for these offices will take place in the next few weeks.
             Officer Responsibilities as defined by the Eighth Grade:

President: runs meetings; delegates Council members to committees and duties; works with Ms. Malovrh, Mr. Slaikeu and Sr. Mary Juliana; conducts meetings; sets the meeting agenda; keeps meetings upbeat and positive.  

Vice President: oversees the Spirit Committee; creates a spirited student section at home games; coordinates fundraisers like Donut Friday; next in line to run meetings; works with Ms. Malovrh, Mr. Slaikeu, and Sr. Mary Juliana; keeps Student Council meetings focused and on topic.

Secretary: takes Student Council meeting minutes; updates Student Council bulletin board; writes an FYI column; gets ideas from the MS student body; manages the Student Council suggestion box; shares student ideas at Student Council meetings; reminds Student Council members of upcoming meetings.

Public Relations: makes flyers advertising Student Council events; updates the MS sports board; gives sports updates including game results and upcoming games in the morning on the public address system; makes general announcements to the student body regarding important information.