SCRIP - Fall 2020 Update

St Croix Catholic School is offering the SCRIP program again this year as a way for families to lower their total tuition costs. By buying gift cards for your daily purchases (including many of your favorite brands), you earn a percentage of each gift card and this rebate is applied directly to your family’s total tuition agreement (tuition plus SCRIP agreement as noted on TADS). Orders can be placed online or by using a paper order form. 

Online orders can be placed through the Shop With Scrip website or or the RaiseRight app. Note, when you use these online platforms, you will need to create your own account and you will need St Croix Catholic School's SCRIP code, which is 2577b5f18226. The benefit of placing your orders online or through the app is that e-cards or refills can be done at any time. Furthermore, if you pay for your order by debit card or credit card, the e-card and refills will be available immediately. If you opt to pay for your e-card or refill order by check, orders are “released” on Mondays.

You may also purchase physical gift cards on the Shop With Scrip website; all physical gift cards are delivered to the school and are processed and sorted into family orders every two weeks (following same schedule as paper order forms below).

Paper order forms are another way for you to order physical cards. These orders are placed twice monthly on Mondays, delivered to the school, and will be ready for pickup (or sent home in your child's backpack if you request) later that same week on Thursday.

Paper Order forms with payment due in SCCS office by 9:00 am:
Monday, December 7, 2020
Monday, December 14, 2020
Monday, December 21, 2020 

Please direct any questions to Maggie Justen, SCRIP Coordinator.

We are looking for new volunteers this year to help with the ordering and tracking of orders. Most of this volunteer work can be done from home. Please contact Maggie Justen if you are interested in helping.

What Is SCRIP?
SCRIP is an amazingly easy way to generate funds for our school and is the only fundraiser that costs you nothing! SCRIP purchases gift certificates from stores between 2% and 30% below face value. These certificates are then sold to the community at face value with St. Croix Catholic School retaining the difference.
A Sample of Weekly Shopping with Scrip
$100 Cub Foods with 4% rebate = $4.00
$50 Kwik Trip Gas Station with 4% rebate = $2.00
$50 Acapulco Restaurant with 20% rebate = $10.00
$50 Menard's with 3% rebate =$1.50
$50 Fiesta Cancun with 20% rebate = $10.00
Total rebate = $27.50 --100% profit for the school! No additional cost to you!
100% of the rebates earned are profit for the school.  Imagine what a year's worth of weekly shopping trips x several hundred families could generate for the school!  All at no additional cost to families!  The profit is built right into your purchase!  Free and easy fundraising!
Current parents: if you are opting out of this SCRIP program and looking for a link to make a payment to the school for your annual SCRIP requirement, please visit: SCCS Parents>Make a Payment.