Tuition Assistance

Timeline for 2021-2022 School Year:
December 1: Admissions Application and Tuition Assistance Application windows open. 
Click here to apply.
January 13:  Initial window of Admissions Application and Tuition Assistance Application closes.
January and February: Scheduled individual new family meetings with Sister Maria Ivana, Principal.
Early March Admissions letters and SCCS Tuition Assistance awards mailed to new families.

SCCS Tuition Assistance
Our general Tuition Assistance program is based on need. We assess each family’s financial situation
with the help of Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS).
SCCS uses the TADS calculation as a guide, but is free to make its own adjustments depending on the
total amount of funds it has available to distribute. The funds available come from generous donors and fundraising events such as the annual Light Their
Way Tuition Assistance Gala. Each family who completes a Tuition Assistance application with TADS will receive a letter from SCCS in mid-March notifying them if they have received an
award and if so, the amount of aid rewarded.
AIM HIGHER Scholarship
The Aim Higher Scholarship is awarded to students
from families seeking tuition assistance. The
scholarship follows students through 8th Grade and
to other Catholic schools. Application opens November 1, 2020. Timeline is as follows:
timeline for aim higher scholarships
For more information, please read this Aim Higher Scholarship flyer or visit:
Multiple Child Scholarship Plan
The Multiple Child Scholarship Plan is for families with two or more children attending SCCS. These scholarships are given in exchange for a volunteer
hour commitment from the family. 
$5,350 First Student
$4,950 Second Student
$4,850 Third Student
$2,150 Fourth Student
$0 Fifth Student
This Scholarship is awarded to five students from
families with the most tuition assistance need
per eligible school. Application opens November 1, 2020.
For more information visit: 
SCCS Alumni Discount
SCCS alumni may take advantage of an Alumni Discount. This discount is $1000 off tuition for the first year a child of an alum is enrolled and $500 off for the second year. Subsequent years are at the regular tuition rate.
Schulze Early Learning Scholarship
The Schulze Family Foundation has created the
Schulze Early Learning Scholarship Program to assist
middle-income families in gaining access to excellent
preschool programs for their children. Scholarships
awarded range from $500 to $3,000 and are sent
directly to the preschool to apply to the family’s
tuition. Children must be in their last year of preschool
in 2020-2021 and be planning to attend a Catholic
grade school. Application opens November 1, 2020.
For more information, please read this Schulze Early Learning Scholarship flyer or visit:
New for 2021-2022!
Kindergarten Enrollment Incentive

Thanks to the generosity of Catholic Schools Center of Excellence and its benefactors, a special $250 credit will be offered to all incoming Kindergartners, including those currently enrolled in our Ark of Angels Preschool program. But, don't delay! Our initial application window closes January 13, 2021.


Kindergarten Incentive