Community Collections

Community Collections

St. Croix Catholic benefits from programs that we call "Community Collections." These include General Mills Box-Tops for Education, Country Hearth/Village Hearth "Loaves for Learning", Milk Moola, Kowalski's Groceries for a Cause, and Campbell's Soup Labels.

General Mills Box-Tops for Education benefit your child's classroom. SCCS receives 10 cents for each box top turned in. Numerous food and paper products are clearly marked with the Box-Tops for Education symbol. All you have to do is check the expiration date (we cannot submit expired ones), neatly cut it out (this saves us countless hours trimming them ourselves), and send them to school with your child. The money earned from Box-Tops collected from each classroom goes directly to that teacher to use as they wish for their classroom. Middle School boxtops are collected by Ms. Lass and are shared by the whole Middle School. Last year, SCCS earned over $2,000. What a fantastic fundraiser that doesn't involve asking for money from your own pocket. Peggy Eiselt will be coordinating the program again this year with the help of Al Romportl.  For a list of Box-Tops for Education products, go to:  READY, SET, CLIP AWAY!!!

Loaves for Learning product labels are collected in the office. Last year we earned about $50 from this program. For a list of Loaves for Learning products, go to

Milk Moola caps and labels from Kwik Trip milk products are collected in a bin across from the computer lab. The are redeemed for funds to support the SCCS Booster Club.

Kowalski's Groceries for a Cause earns the school about $900 each year. All you need to do is drop your Kowalski's cash register receipt in the bin marked St. Croix Catholic School by the exit doors at Kowalski's.

Another great way to raise funds for SCCS is through Amazon Smile. Smile is a website operated by Amazon that gives you the same products and prices as Amazon, but when you shop Amazon Smile ( the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate .5% of the price to a charitable organization that you designate. St. Croix Catholic School is signed up with Amazon Smile. So when you make your next purchase at Amazon, try instead and designate St. Croix Catholic School!