Artist of the Week

Our incredible artist this week is sixth grader Hailey Schmit. When I assigned a "free draw" for our last week of classes, I never dreamed I would receive such accomplished art! I asked students to draw something they enjoyed drawing and to show me what they learned in art this year. Hailey sent four beautiful portraits done "randomly" in her sketchbook. This is just one example of Hailey's talent and creativity and shows what can be done with just a pencil and paper. Her proportions, shading, detail and texture are spot on. 
I hope that you are all inspired by the student work that has been featured in the FYI. Sometimes it is so hard to choose just one! I have amazing artists at SCCS and I am inspired by what YOU teach ME! Keep creating over the summer and thank you to all who have consistently turned in their art assignments over these past few months!  
Mrs. Fioritto