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Admissions Application Process

SCCS is now accepting Admissions Applications.
 Click here to apply.


Admissions Application Process Checklist:
If you have questions about our Admissions process, please contact Denise Faust 651-439-5581x237 or
  • Complete Admissions Application in TADS

  • Provide Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, and Immunization Records, Early Childhood Screening Evaluation, if entering Kindergarten

  • Meeting with Sister Maria Ivana, Principal (Please call Denise Faust 651-439-5581 ext. 232 to schedule an appointment.)

  • Academic Testing in Reading and Math at St. Croix Catholic for incoming students, Grades 1-8. (Please Denise Faust 651-439-5581 ext. 232 to schedule an appointment.)

  • Current year’s most recent report card, previous year’s report card, and standardized test scores (excluding incoming Preschoolers and Kindergartners).

  • Completed Teacher Evaluation Forms from current school
Order of Priority for Admission of Students, based on completed Admissions Application Process Checklist:

1.) Currently enrolled students
2.) Siblings of children currently enrolled
3.) Children of Catholic families actively supporting
St. Michael’s, St. Mary’s, or St. Charles’ parishes and based
on the family’s date of parish registration
4.) Children of non-parish families on a first come, first serve basis
Acceptance of students for Ark of Angels Preschool
will follow the above-mentioned order of priority for admission of students based on the date which applications are received, keeping in mind class availability.
Age Requirements
Children in Preschool must be 33 months old by the first day of school and potty trained.

Children enrolled in Kindergarten should be 5 years of age by the first of September of the school year in which they are enrolled. Early admission for Kindergarten is not recommended, but will be examined on a case by case basis by the Principal. Parents may be required to provide supporting documentation at the request of the Principal.
Tuition 2020-2021
School Year:
$5,100 per student, K-8
$3,900 1/2 day Kindergarten
Ark of Angels Preschool
2 half days    $170/month
3 half days    $235/month
1 full day       $180/month
2 full days     $360/month
3 full days     $500/month
4 full days     $625/month​
5 full days     $750/month
2020-2021 Preschool Offerings:
3 Day Half Day – Mon/Tues/Wed AM ($235/mo)
3 Day Half Day – Mon/Tues/Wed PM ($235/mo)
2 Day Half Day – Thurs/Fri AM ($170/mo)
2 Day Half Day – Thurs/Fri PM ($170/mo)
5 Day All Day – M-F ($750/mo)
4 Day All Day – M-Th ($625/mo)
3 Day All Day – Mon/Tues/Wed ($500/mo)
2 Day All Day – Thurs/Fri ($360/mo)
1 Day All Day – Thurs ($180/mo)
1 Day All Day – Fri ($180/mo)
Transferring in to SCCS:
If your student will be transferring from a different school, please print out the form below and give to your current school to fax to SCCS, 651-439-8360.