Admissions Application Process

Thank you for your interest in St. Croix Catholic School.

Please complete the inquiry form to be contacted by the office this summer. 

Admissions Application Process
  • Complete and submit Admissions Application in TADS (on average takes 10 minutes)
  • Mail/Drop off the following documentation to St. Croix Catholic School
    • Copies of birth certificates and baptismal certificate
    • Immunization records using this Immunization Form
    • Current year's most recent report card (for incoming 1st-8th grade students)
    • Previous year's end of year report card (for incoming 1st-8th grade students)
    • Standardized test scores (for incoming 1st-8th grade students)
    • Completed teacher evaluation forms from current school
  • Complete Tuition Assistance Application in TADS if your family is seeking tuition assistance or scholarship opportunities. 
Upon reception of the Admissions Application and above-mentioned documentation, families will be contacted to schedule a Family Meeting with Sister Maria Ivana, Principal; and schedule Academic Testing in Reading and Math for incoming students in Grades 1-8. 
November 10: Admissions Applications and Tuition Assistance Applications open in TADS for prospective families. 
January 12: Initial window of Admissions Applications and Tuition Assistance Applications closes. Admissions letters and Tuition Assistance awards mailed to these families.
After January 12: Admissions Applications will continue to be received by SCCS for Grades K-8. Considerations for acceptance of these applications will be made after acceptance decisions are made for initial applications.
Available seats may be limited.
February: Admissions Letters and SCCS Tuition Assistance awards mailed to new families.
Order of Priority for Admission of Students
(based on completion of the Admissions Application Process and available seats)

1.) Siblings of children currently enrolled
2.) Children of families actively supporting St. Michael’s, St. Mary’s, or St. Charles’ parishes and based on the family’s date of parish registration
3.) Children of non-parish families
Acceptance of students for Ark of Angels Preschool will follow the above-mentioned order of priority for admission of students based on the date which applications are received, keeping in mind class availability.
Age Requirements
Children in Preschool must be 33 months old by the first day of school and fully toilet trained.

Children enrolled in Kindergarten should be 5 years of age by the first of September of the school year in which they are enrolled. Early admission for Kindergarten is not recommended, but will be examined on a case by case basis by the Principal. Parents may be required to provide supporting documentation at the request of the Principal.