Music Programs Overview

SCCS Music Philosophy
At St. Croix Catholic School, we believe that music is essential to educating the whole child. Through performing, creating, and responding, the child receives a fully encompassing musical outlet. Music encourages understanding of the historical and cultural heritage of our local community and the global community. Knowledge of the fundamentals of music leads to a fuller participation in liturgy, worship, and our world.

In addition to providing excellent classroom in­struction in the world of music, St. Croix Catholic School is committed to providing enriching extracur­ricular music opportunities, including:
  • Beginning Concert Band open to 4th & 5th grade students 
  • Advanced Concert Band open to 6th - 8th grade students
  • Beginning Strings Orchestra open to 2nd - 5th grade students
  • Advanced Strings Orchestra open to 6th - 8th grade students
  • Chamber Ensemble - Advanced Band & Advanced Orchestra students may audition

Concert Band and Orchestra, provided by SCCS faculty member, Mrs. Erika Hammerschmidt.
Chorus Angelorum Children’s Choir, provided by the parishes of St. Michael and St. Mary.