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Academics » Philosophy of Technology

Philosophy of Technology

Education develops what is most human in students: the capacity for wisdom and love which requires insightful reading, depth of thought, and the autonomy that comes from virtuous self-discipline. These, in turn, require disciplined habits of patience, attentiveness, memory and concentration and a desire for what is truly good and beautiful.

The role of computers and information technologies should be assessed in light of these goals, and prudence should govern their use in instruction and the completion of assignments.

These technologies are both a fact of contemporary life and a wonderful resource, providing access to sources of knowledge otherwise unavailable. They should be utilized when appropriate and students should be taught to use them responsibly. However, premature or excessive use of these technologies may undermine the very qualities and skills education seeks to cultivate. It may also hamper the transmission of tradition by subtly communicating the pervasive thought that new equals better. Furthermore, it has the potential to isolate students from one another. 

Therefore, careful prudence on the part of the teacher and administration will determine the technologies introduced and used for the benefit of the learning process, which seeks to form the whole child: mind, body, and spirit.