21st Century Learners & Technology

Now well into the 21st century, today’s high school students are expected to have certain technical skills, along with traditional subject-area knowledge. St. Croix Catholic readily acknowledges this reality and has made a commitment to equip our middle school students with not only technical confidence, but the self-discipline, prudence, and wisdom that one needs to virtuously navigate this rapidly changing world. 
All of our core courses challenge students to tackle real world problems, embrace challenges, think critically, solve creatively, and collaborate with peers.
Chromebooks are an integral part of all classes in middle school, and SCCS teaches virtuous use of technology along with technical skills. Teachers use Google Classroom to impart assignments and receive student work. Each middle school student is provided a gmail account to be used exclusively in communication with teachers and fellow students. Google Drive is the repository for all student-created documents and files are accessible from Chromebooks and home computers, tablets, and smart phones.