Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?
Application for Admission for the 2025-2026 academic year will open in November, 2024. 
How do you meet students' varied needs?
St. Croix Catholic School's Resource Team assists teachers and students with the goal of meeting the academic needs of all our students. We use data - from teacher observations to formative/summative assessments and NWEA/MAP standardized test scores - to guide and differentiate instruction. We are committed to this level of intervention because we care deeply about each child's growth. The Resource Support Team provides daily instructional support in Kindergarten through Grade 4 in the areas of reading and math.

You have STEM? What does that look like?
St. Croix Catholic has invested in Full Option Science System (FOSS), a nationally-renowned science program taught in schools across the country. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 engage in hands-on learning experiences in which they discover and apply scientific principles and theories. Students spend most instructional time performing experiments, creating models, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions. 
What is your leadership program?
The team of Middle School faculty guides students to a deeper level of self-reflection, discovering their God-given talents and limitations, developing leadership skills consistent with God's plan, and contributing to the goodness of God's creation. This effort is integrated into every subject and all activities. By the time our students reach Grade 8, they are confident, independent learners who take responsibility for their own education and personal formation. They aspire to make a difference in the world with their scientific, mathematical, and communication skills. They interpret the history and hope of humanity through the lens of the Catholic faith. They are the leaders of the St. Croix Catholic School student body.
Can my child attend SCCS if our family is not Catholic?
Yes! St. Croix Catholic School opens its doors to all families who desire an excellent education rooted in truth for the good of their children. We have several non-Catholic families and we have found the best questions in Religion often come from those who are not Catholic and lead to the most thoughtful conversations for both non-Catholics and Catholics alike. We do teach the fullness of the Catholic faith to all students and welcome those who are not Catholic to ask questions and learn more about the faith that is lived by our students.
What other costs are there besides tuition?
The tuition charged each family is only about 75% of the cost of educating a child at SCCS. Support of the school community by participation in volunteer and fundraising programs is an expectation of all families. We have one big all school annual fundraiser - the Service Marathon. The fundraising expectation for each family is $250 per child or $750 per family. Marathon contributions are tax deductible. Many families raise all or part of their expectation by asking neighbors and relatives for donations. Matching funds from an employer are also a great way to meet your Marathon fundraising expectation. A tax deductible donation of $100 per family to the school’s Technology Fund is also requested annually.
What is the school uniform and where do we purchase them?  
Please visit our School Uniform web page to view uniform details for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each level has defined options. (Preschool students are not required to wear school uniforms.) Options to purchase new uniforms or used uniforms are also explained on this designated web page and in the Parent & Student Handbook.  
Where do students enroll after graduating from SCCS ?
Many of our families typically attend the local public high school in Stillwater or go on to Catholic high schools such as  Chesterton Academy, Hill-Murray, St. Agnes, Totino-Grace, St. Thomas Academy, and Visitation.
I don’t think my family can afford the tuition. Are there options to make it more affordable for us?
We recognize that paying tuition is sacrifice for many families, and we offer a number of options to assist families.

SCCS Tuition Assistance Program
Our general Tuition Assistance program is based on need. We assess each family's financial situation with the help of Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). SCCS uses the TADS calculation as a guide, but is free to make its own adjustments depending on the total amount of funds it has available to distribute. Available funds come from generous donors and fundraising events such as the annual Light Their Way gala.  


*Multi-Child Discount Program, K-8
SCCS offers an optional Multiple Child Discount Program for families with 2 or more children attending SCCS. The scholarships are given in exchange for a volunteer hour commitment from the family.

Multi-Child Tuition:
1st Student: $5,985
2nd Student: $5,686
3rd Student: $5,387
4th Student: $2,394
5th Student: $0
Family Max: $19,452

SCCS Alumni Discount
SCCS alumni can take advantage of an Alumni Discount. This discount is $1,000 off tuition for the first year a child of an alum is enrolled and $500 off for the second year. Subsequent years are at the regular tuition rate.

External Scholarships
Families may also apply for:
Aim Higher Scholarship, application available at
CSAF/Aim Higher Scholarship, application available at
Schulze Early Learning Scholarship, application available at
Applications for these scholarships open November 1st. 
What are the Preschool options and costs for 2024-2025?

2024-2025 Preschool Offerings:
Monday-Wednesday mornings 9:00-12:00
Monday-Wednesday afternoons 12:30-3:30
Monday-Wednesday all day 9:00-3:30
Thursday-Friday mornings 9:00-12:00
Thursday-Friday afternoons 12:30-3:30
Thursday-Friday all day 9:00-3:30
Monday-Friday all day 9:00-3:30

*Preschool tuition rates:
(2024-2025 rates)
2 half days    $180/month
3 half days    $250/month
1 full day       $190/month
2 full days     $380/month
3 full days     $525/month
4 full days     $660/month​
5 full days     $790/month

* Tuition amounts for 2024-2025 are determined in January 2024.