District Sports

SCCS Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade have the opportunity to participate in some after-school sports offered by Stillwater Area School District #834. Early dismissal from SCCS is necessary in order to participate and will be allowed only for sports not available to students through CAA or VAA. Students should register for District #834 sports online through the District #834 website. Note that the cost of these sports for SCCS students is different from the cost for SMS students.
Students signing up for District 834 sports will miss their 8th hour class and the end of their 7th hour class at SCCS; therefore, they will need to sign an independent study contract for the missed classes. No transportation is provided by SCCS or District 834 for students to the Middle School or High School. 
After registering, students should provide the Independent Study Contract and Walking Release Form to our front office.
Students may participate in the following sports:
Activities located at Stillwater Middle School:
  • Cross Country - fall
  • Ski Club- winter 
  • Swimming – girls in fall; boys in winter
  • Track - spring
  • Tennis – girls in fall; boys in spring
  • Wrestling – winter
  • 8th grade Soccer – fall (if a CAA team does not form)
Activities located at Stillwater Area High School:
  • Nordic Skiing – winter
  • Downhill Skiing - winter
  • Synchronized swimming - spring
  • Varsity Swimming – girls in fall; boys in spring