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2020-2021 Tuition at St. Croix Catholic School

The estimated cost to educate a child at SCCS for the 2020-2021 school year will be approximately $7,400. However, due to support from our parishes, generous donations to the SCCS Endowment Fund, and various fundraising activities, only a portion of this cost (tuition) is expected of families.

Family Tuition Rates:

Tuition for the 2020-2021 school year is $5,100 for children in full day Kindergarten through grade 8. Half day Kindergarten tuition is $3,900.

Ark of Angels Preschool tuition rates are:

2 half days    $170/month
3 half days    $235/month
1 full day       $180/month
2 full days     $360/month
3 full days     $500/month
4 full days     $625/month​
5 full days     $750/month

St. Croix Catholic School is committed to working with each family to make enrollment at SCCS possible no matter what your family’s financial situation may be.

St. Croix Catholic School uses TADS to manage tuition agreements. In TADS, you can set up your tuition agreement and choose for various payment plans such as, one payment (July), two payments (July and January), or monthly (10 payments from August – May or 12 payments from July – June). St. Croix Catholic School also offers discounts and scholarships to help make tuition more affordable.
  • Alumni Scholarship: New students with at least one parent who is an alumnus of St. Croix Catholic School receive a tuition scholarship of $1,000 during their first year at SCCS and $500 during their second year.
  • Multiple-Child Discount for families with two or more children enrolled are available.
  • Tuition Assistance is available, beginning in February. The applications are processed by the TADS tuition service and recommendations are made to SCCS administration about the need for assistance. There is a $34 fee payable to TADS at the time your Tuition Assistance application is completed. Recommendations from TADS are used by the school to determine award amounts, taking into account the total amount of Tuition Assistance funding available.
Now accepting Admissions Applications for 2020-2021: