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Lego League

Fall 2017 Season Summary 

This year, SCCS fielded 2 LEGO League teams. The teams worked together at the beginning of the season and then worked independently as the season progressed.

Throughout the season we worked to learn and solve problems involving the human water cycle. The robot missions involved LEGO "water" solutions, while the research project involved learning about real life ways to improve parts of the human water cycle. One of the teams researched ways to transport water from wet environments to areas with less water, especially to solve the current issue of water needs to fight forest fires. The other team researched ways to clean water in difficult environments and developed some components to add to a first aid kit to make a water purification and testing kit.

The robot challenges also provided both teams with some research and experimentation. Using some of the lessons learned at last year's tournament, the students opted to build box bases which would shield the rubber wheels and provide a modular frame for swapping parts to accomplish different mission objectives. Both teams learned about using gears to solve some of the challenges around lift strength, changing direction of motion, and allowing for quick component changes. Students on both teams had a chance to learn EV3 programming to combine math, logic, angles, motors, and more to complete the missions. The students also learned to use light sensors to detect lines on the mission field, gyro sensors to better control turning angles, and touch sensors to reset components of the robot.

The season ended in a very fun and exciting tournament day in Lakeville. Both teams performed well and enjoyed the competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship that goes along with the LEGO League tournaments. Neither team brought home any hardware, but the fun and learning are the real victory in LEGO League.


*The Minnesota program is particularly blessed to have the support of High Tech Kids whose mission it is to support Minnesota FIRST® LEGO® League Junior, FIRST® LEGO® League, and FIRST®  Tech Challenge programs by training, teaching and empowering student teams, coaches and volunteers.