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In Fall 2012, the school implemented Performance Series, a standardized testing method that drives instruction for each child, each  day. All students are tested in Fall and Spring of each school year. Additional testing may be done throughout the year if deemed necessary.

Performance Series testing  details the students’  strengths  and areas  of  growth.  Rather  than  just receiving an overall  score (and  often  months  later as  is  the  case   with  most  standardized tests),  assessment  results  are  instant   and  detailed –  down  to  “needs to work on adding fractions.”

As we assess each student, we are also committed to meeting the needs of each student. SCCS effectively meets the needs of high-end learners with accelerated opportunities. Mrs. Peggy Doeksen, offering 30+ years of working with gifted and talented students, serves students in grades K-8. Likewise, we are known for our commitment to making huge strides with students who come to us with a variety of learning challenges. Mrs. Julie Glaser, Special Services Coordinator, works with District #834 and our internal teaching staff to determine individual learning plans for students with special needs.