SCCS Office hours for the week of July 27th: Monday (27th) 9:00 am - 2:00 pm; Tuesday (28th) 9:00 am - 2:00 pm; Wednesday (29th) 9:00 am - noon. Thursday (30th) and Friday (31st) the office will be closed.

St. Croix Catholic School

Welcome Message

At St. Croix Catholic, when we open the door to welcome a new student, we see a beautiful, unique life that has been Created for Greatness. We believe that God has a specific purpose for this person – and it’s our mission, in partnership with parents, to develop this child into the virtuous, faith-filled leader God intended.

St. Croix Catholic offers a strong liberal arts education, coupled with opportunities to develop 21st century skills. This beautiful balance prompts students to focus on challenges relevant to the human race, and to be the compassionate, confident, Christ-centered leaders our world so badly needs. Read what our families have to say about SCCS.
Better yet - come and see for yourself; please call Diane at 651.439.5581 to schedule a personalized tour. 

News and Announcements

Register for Summer Basketball Camp by July 27

Register for Summer Basketball Camp by July 27 Don't miss out: Get your registration in asap!
Fall Sports Registration Deadline is July 28

Fall Sports Registration Deadline is July 28 If your son or daughter is interested in playing soccer or volleyball, please sign up now!
Think Summer! Think Golf!

Think Summer!  Think Golf!  Join us for the 17th Annual SCCS Golf Tournament and Dinner on August 15
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