Enjoy MEA break!  We will welcome back students on Tuesday, October 25. Remember, this will be a Parent Drive Day - morning and afternoon.

St. Croix Catholic School


Congratulations to the entire school for a successful 2016 Marathon. It's now time to celebrate!  
  • Primary Grades, K-2, will enjoy a Movie and Extra Recess on Tuesday, Oct. 18.
  • Intermediate Grades, 3-5, are looking forward to a Fall Field Day on Wednesday, Oct. 19.
  • Middle School students (grades 6-8) are super excited for their all-night lock-in on Friday, October 28.  
  • ALL STUDENTS are beyond excited for the fun day wherein Students are Out of Uniform and Teachers are In Uniform:  Thursday, October 27.  
Learn more about St. Croix Catholic School through our 2016 VIDEO!  

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