Important Dates


2023 St. Croix Catholic School

Marathon Fundraiser



What is the St. Croix Catholic School Marathon Fundraiser?

  • The Marathon is the most important school fundraising event of the year, running September 24, 2023 - October 31, 2023
  • All donations go directly to the school’s operating budget to support various, essential programs
  • A community-building event that helps raise awareness of Catholic education
  • This year, students and families are again being asked to participate in family walks of any distance in an effort to shine our light throughout the St. Croix Valley. We have been given so much, let us share the joy of the Gospel!


Fundraising Goals

  • $250: Minimum fundraising goal for each student.


  • $750: Minimum fundraising goal for families of 3 or more children attending SCCS


  • $70,000: SCCS-wide goal


Fundraising Efforts

  • All students are encouraged to reach out to relatives (Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, etc.); friends; neighbors; etc.
  • Make phone calls, write letters, send videos, etc. sharing with others the light and joy of being an SCCS student.
  • Matching Funds Programs are offered for educational institutions by many companies. Please check with your employer about any matching fund programs they may offer.



During the Marathon, we encourage all students and their families to walk any distance together in their spirit wear to shine a light throughout the St. Croix Valley. Think about ways to share the joy of the Gospel.  For example, rake a yard at the conclusion of your walk, hand out holy cards or medals on your walk, or say “God bless you” to the people to pass by on the sidewalk.  



Donation Collection

Online on our website or via the QR code


Please send donations with the provided Donation Turn-In Form in the Student/Family Envelopes. These will be returned to students each collection period for next turn-in date: October 3, October 17, October 31.


*For online donations via the website: Please include the following notation:

            “On behalf of STUDENT/FAMILY NAME in GRADE(S)”

A list of donations made online for your child(ren) will be sent home after each collection date. 


*Receipts for all donations should be sent by each family.  Templates are enclosed.


Important Dates

September 24: Kick-off Mass at 11am at St. Michael, First Walk, and Lunch at Pioneer Park
October 3: Turn-in day
October 17: Turn-in day
October 29 & 30: Student Participation Masses and Donut Sunday at St. Charles, St. Mary's and St. Michael's
October 31: Final turn-in day


Student Incentives

Class Pizza Party: For every Grade that reaches their Marathon goal, a pizza party will be awarded.
Student Dodgeball Game: Class with the highest weekly average will play a dodgeball game against special guests.
Principal for a Day: Awarded to top student earner.
Ice Cream with Principal: All students who meet their Marathon goal.
SCCS Olympic Games: SCCS Olympic Games! If we are able to reach our All-School Marathon goal, we will have our very own Olympic Games during Catholic Schools Week! This celebration will include events, contestants from among some of our favorite people in the building, and moms and dads will be invited to participate too!  Let’s make it happen, SCCS!



Please contact Denise Faust [email protected]


Thank you for your support!