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Now Offering TWO Sections of Kindergarten

We are so excited to be offering two sections of Kindergarten - and sharing with our Kindergartners TWO wonderful teachers, Mrs. Berry and Ms. Vagasky! Now we will have two sets of eyes and hands and two loving hearts to care for our all of our Kindergartners. 

After looking at our classroom spaces with cohorting of students and the gifts of both Mrs. Berry and Ms. Vagasky, we’ve decided to take a ‘team teaching’ approach of instruction for our Kindergartners. In essence, this means that all of the kindergartners will have both Mrs. Berry and Ms. Vagasky each day. Students will stay in their respective classrooms, with their cohorts, while teachers will switch classrooms mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Instruction from Ms. Vagasky will focus on language arts, math skills time, science, and religion, while Mrs. Berry teaches our students reading skills, math concepts, social studies, and religion. 

We are excited to be providing a teaching model for our kindergartners which will provide them with both structure and variety, knowing that we will be limited in other ways, given COVID-19 mitigation strategies. 

We have a few spots still open for more Kindergartners! Please contact Denise Faust at 651.439.5581 ext. 232.