St. Croix Catholic School Receives $2.6 Million Tuition Assistance Endowment

With the deepest of gratitude and great excitement, Sister Maria Ivana shares that St. Croix Catholic School has been gifted a $2.6 million tuition assistance endowment made by two brothers, Jean and John DeCurtins, who were generous and life-long community members. This gift will be used to provide scholarships allowing as many families as possible to continue to have access to a Catholic education. Watch the video to learn more about the gift and the men behind it.

St. Croix Catholic School Receives $2.6 Million Endowment

How can these funds be used?

  • The endowment gift given by two brothers, Mr. Jean DeCurtins and Mr. John DeCurtins, is specifically and solely designated for tuition assistance at St. Croix Catholic School. 
What does this mean for school families?
  • This gift allows families access to an affordable, quality Catholic Education. This Endowment helps ensure this opportunity for generations to come.

When will SCCS have access to these funds?

  • A percentage of the Endowment’s value will be made available to St. Croix Catholic School annually beginning in 2023.

How does SCCS decide who receives tuition assistance?

  • As is currently our process, for students to receive tuition assistance, families will need to submit a Tuition Assistance Application in TADS. This application can be found on the school website under the Admissions tab. 
  • Our Tuition Assistance program is based on need. We assess each family’s financial situation with the help of Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). SCCS uses the TADS calculation as a guide, but we make our own adjustments depending on the total amount of funds we have available to distribute. Each family who completes an application with TADS will receive a letter from SCCS notifying them if they have received an award and the amount of aid awarded. 
  • For Questions, please contact St. Croix Catholic School. 

Who keeps track of this gift and the proper use of the gift?

  • St. Croix Catholic School partners with the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF) for faith-aligned investment and stewardship of our endowment funds. As a professional steward of charitable assets, CCF provides diligent oversight and ensures that our endowment funds are invested in accordance with current laws and best practices – and in alignment with our Catholic faith.

Where can I find more information on how endowments work?

For more information on endowments, visit the CCF website