2014 Graduates

On Wednesday, June 4, we said goodbye to 35 beautiful young people solidly formed in the faith and confidently prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await them. Congratulations to all these fine young people and their families.

Special recognition goes to Noah Schraut for earning the highest GPA throughout the middle school years; he was awarded the prestigious St. Thomas Aquinas award for this achievement.

Adrianna Christ and Nick Gag received the Legion Award for exemplary courage, patriotism, leadership, faithfulness, and scholarly achievements.

Parents graduating their youngest were recognized for their commitment to Catholic education:  Greg and Jeanne Crea, Ivan and Anita Franklin, Michael Krsiean and Kathleen Krsiean, William and Maureen Ochs, Erik and Laura Ogren, Steve and Ann Ogren, Mark and Margaret Johnson, Ryan and Norma LaFavor, Dave and Ann Langer, Ann and Scott Tomek.

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