New Family Referral program

Help Us Fill the Classrooms - New Family Referral Incentive

A Message from Sister Mary Juliana -

I am excited to announce an opportunity for SCCS families to help our school grow and benefit your own family. If you refer a new family and that family enrolls by July 15, you will be eligible to earn a $500 discount (or more) on your own tuition!

We recently learned that the Schulze Family Foundation is giving $10,000 in seed money to St. Croix Catholic School and other Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese with a challenge for each school to grow their enrollment. Everyone benefits from classrooms with healthy enrollment, so we're asking all families to join in a concerted effort to fill our classrooms for Fall 2015. The SCCS Board of Directors would love nothing more than to lower tuition in the future for all families and a healthy enrollment is the first step to achieving this goal!

$500 New Family Referral Incentive - here's how it works:
If you directly refer a new family (one not currently enrolled at SCCS) and the family enrolls for Fall 2015, you will receive a $500 discount on your family's total tuition bill. The incoming family will also receive a $500 discount. There is NO limit - you can refer multiple families, earning $1,000, $1,500 or more discount. Interested? Keep reading!

Who is eligible?
Any families with children currently enrolled in grades K-8 at SCCS are eligible to receive this incentive.

What is the timeframe for this campaign?
New families must complete registration by July 15, 2015.

When will we receive our discount?
The new student(s) must complete 90 school days at SCCS before the new family and the referring family each receive their respective $500 tuition discount. Your $500 (or more) tuition discount will be applied directly to your TADS Tuition Account. Additionally, the referring family must be current on tuition payments at the time the credit is applied.

Is there a limit?
There is no limit to how many new families can be recruited! The referring family can receive a $500 tuition discount per new family ($500 for one family, $1,000 for two families, $1,500 for three families, etc.)

How will SCCS know who referred the new family?
During the registration process, the new family will be asked which family referred them to SCCS and will officially designate that family. We will notify you if your family has been designated.

Please direct the family you refer to contact Diane Polley in the school office at 651-439-5581 or dpolley@stccs.com. She can answer questions, set up a tour, and arrange a time for prospective students to visit SCCS during a school day.

Could our family choose to give our discount to the new family?
Yes! You may choose to keep your discount or offer it as a gift to the incoming family you referred.
Special circumstances may occur. St. Croix Catholic School retains the right to reevaluate, revise or cancel this program at any time.

Questions?  Call Diane Polley at 651-439-5581.