Celebrate Calm

Do you find yourself having to give way too many reminders to your children to complete simple tasks? Are you frustrated that they seem to tune you out sometimes? Is 'talking back' or other defiant behavior causing periodic arguments in your house? SCCS would like to give you a GIFT!

We have two options for parent presentations by Kirk and Casey Martin, a father-son team, who will give a presentation at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, November 2 and the same presentation the following morning, Thursday, November 3 at 9:30 am. (just another option if the evening doesn't work out).  Please consider coming, even if these issues may not be 'issues' yet!

A testimony from Sr. John Thomas about Celebrate Calm

About 7 years ago, I attended a presentation by Kirk and Casey Martin (a father-son duo) of Celebrate Calm and since then have received their weekly newsletters with super practical tips for helping students get motivated, stay focused, etc. They have lots of research/experience/etc., but I found their personal testimony of transformation in their father-son relationship to be the most powerful part of the presentation (Here's a link to it http://www.celebratecalm.com/our-story/--WARNING: it made me cry reading it again!). I still consider it the best presentation like this I've ever attended. www.celebratecalm.com