Sponsor an item in our new Library! Coming Fall 2022

Renovations to be Completed Fall 2022

In the 2020-2021 school year, the library was re-designated as a classroom for spacing of student desks. Most of the books and shelves were re-arranged that year and now we are now taking the opportunity to complete a much-needed remodel of our Library. 
There are several opportunities to donate items that will make up the library remodel project. For a complete listing of items available for sponsorship, please contact Maggie Schwartz, Marketing and Development Director, at (651) 439-5581 ext. 310. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Donation for Books $50
  • Donation for Cabinetry $150
  • Pendant Lights $500
  • Custom-Made Bookcases $1,500
  • Chairs for Stage $1,500
  • Stage Flooring $2,000
  • Book drop $2,000
  • Many, many more! 
Click here to make a donation to the Library Fund today!
Please note, design specifics such as coloring, furniture and lighting are subject to change.