Congratulations Bishop-elect Izen!




Dear SCCS Families,


Let us be glad and rejoice!


Many of you have heard the news that, early this morning, Pope Francis named Father Izen as an auxiliary bishop of our Archdiocese!


What does a principal say when her pastor is named bishop? This is another one of those rare occasions for me that no words seem to quite “be sufficient.” In his statement, Archbishop Hebda aptly described Bishop-elect Izen as “a generous and capable pastor with a great love for Christ and for his sheep.” And isn’t it true that each one of us has experienced this first-hand! Whether being in the congregation as he prayerfully celebrates Holy Mass, or watching him greet the children at the school doors in the morning, or witnessing him walking through the school hallways visiting with our teachers and staff- we, each of us, has encountered the Lord Jesus through this good shepherd of ours. And now, all of the people of this Archdiocese will be blessed by his gifts of grace and nature; thanks be to God!

Please join me in placing Bishop-elect Izen under Our Lady’s mantle of care and protection as we give thanks for this pastor of ours who has brought us closer to Jesus’ heart through his own witness and ministry.

God bless you as Our Lady, cause of our joy, keeps you!

In Christ,

Sister Maria Ivana, O.P.