Chess Club

“Chess is the sport of kings.” --unknown


In Chess Club, everyone plays chess! Whether experienced player or never played before, Chess Club is for 5th-8th Grade boys and girls who want to learn how to play. Younger students may participate based on parent request and teacher/coach recommendation.


Although learning as a team, only individual play will be engaged in during first year. Must be willing to listen to chess instruction and participate by playing/watching in 60-minute Chess Club meetings (with additional 15 minutes for optional practice play). Other strategy games (like checkers & Connect Four) will be utilized in Chess Club. Real boards will be used and augmented by online lessons and an (optional) SCCS online chess club. Chess clocks, chess notation, and multi-media will be used.


Goal is for each student to have an increased awareness and advancement of their cognitive skills including critical thinking, ability to use logic, spatial awareness, and abstract thinking. Learning the history of chess and its’ importance/relevance in past and modern society, especially in learned/religious communities, and how chess can help a person be a more well-rounded individual. Also, ability to learn good sportsmanship, play well with others of different ages and different sex (boys & girls of different grade levels), learn computer skills, and have fun!


Have to miss a session or two (for example, have a volleyball game)? That’s fine! Still participate in SCCS Chess Club online—SCCS will maintain a private & school monitored SCCS Chess Club utilizing an online children’s chess platform, and SCCS students only play other SCCS students. Participation in online portion is optional. The primary learning experience will be on real boards.  


Did you know there are more possible games of chess than atoms in the universe? Come explore chess in Chess Club! Students who earn enough points will receive certificates of recognition. Will you be the first SCCS Chess Club champion?


2023-24 school year: Meets Fall semester. The chess team will meet once a week after school 3:45-5:00 on Thursdays starting August 31st and continuing Thursdays after school through (approx) December 7th. Additional volunteers are always welcome. Please contact Mr. Gabe Flynn with your questions and getting involved in Chess Club: [email protected].  


Cost: $55.00/student (grades 5-8, unlimited number of students)


Sign-up form below. Scholarships available (confidentiality assured)