Cashman Family

My husband and I both grew up attending Catholic schools. When we think back about our experiences growing up in that environment, the number one word that comes to mind is "village." In times where the societal pressures and stakes to foster a positive environment for our children are at an all-time high, the village that we choose for our children has never been more important. SCCS, along with our parishes, is a "village" of people who share the same values and commitment to our children's growth and development. This year, more than ever, we are thankful and impressed with the village of SCCS. The fearlessness and conviction in how our school has stepped up, stayed flexible, and ultimately remained open safely in the craziest of times during a global pandemic, has been remarkable. They truly believe and live in the mission to raise future "saints." We believe the best way to do that is in person, where our children remain immersed in our "village" in which faith, married with facts, will lead us through this unprecedented time. 
Annie Cashman, SCCS Parent