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Elementary Grades, K-5

St. Croix Catholic School's Elementary grades offer a whole-child formation steeped in virtue, deep thinking, and hands-on learning. We desire to know each child's temperament, gifts, challenges, and interests. Classroom teachers and resource staff collaborate to differentiate instruction and help each child gain a solid foundation in reading, mathematics, social studies, language arts, science, and religion. The school is blessed with a supportive community that has allowed for recent acquisition of nationally renowned FOSS Science materials and Institute for Excellence in Writing program. Specialist classes including: Art, Computers, Physical Education, and Music help children to discover their God-given gifts.
Virtues in Practice program is a partnership between school and home, providing study and practice of intentional virtues formation. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is offered preschool through 5th grade. As the children journey through age-appropriate encounters with Christ, they begin to develop very personal relationships with their Lord. They know that they are, first and foremost, children of God, providing them peace, confidence, and joy. We find at the conclusion of this beautiful, whole child formation, preschool - grade 5, our young people are well-prepared and eager to step into St. Croix Catholic's rigorous and exciting middle school program.  
Uniting with families to form scholars, disciples, and servant leaders.