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Middle School (6-8) » Created for Greatness

Created for Greatness

Middle School Leadership program
While the foundation of our school's virtuous leadership formation starts at the very earliest entry (preschool and primary grades), the effort is formalized within our middle school leadership program, Created for Greatness.This program is based on the virtues of leadership with humility as its foundation, the four cardinal virtues for growth, and culminating in the life ideals of magnanimity and service. The works and research of Alexandre Havard have inspired this program. Through this leadership program, we guide our students to understand their dignity as human persons - and thus their unique and challenging call to greatness.

6th grade students:

  • Begin the “Created for Greatness” leadership program through an in-depth study and practice of the virtue of humility, which enables them to know themselves in their temperaments’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Practice servant leadership through activities such as regular visits to local nursing homes, a pro-life spiritual adoption project, and mentoring to pre-school and primary age students.


7th grade students:

  • Continue the “Created for Greatness” leadership program through the study and practice of the 4 cardinal virtues: Prudence, Justice, Self-Control and Courage

  • Identify the role of the cardinal virtues, gifts of the Spirit and theological virtues in their moral and spiritual life

  • Recognize and grow in their identity as missionary disciples through activities of sharing the faith with first grade buddies, family members and others


8th grade students:

  • Attend leadership camp, formation retreats, and a Commissioning Mass

  • Explore that true leadership concerns the virtue of magnanimity (greatness of soul) and humility

  • Study the spiritual gifts (charisms) and discern their own gifts

  • Use their spiritual gifts in a variety of leadership opportunities and experiences

  • Practice being a young leader with the goal of developing a habit of virtue and confidence

"I love that Created for Greatness helps students to more fully know themselves - not as the world evaluates them, but as God sees them." -Mrs. Katie Ranniger