Double Your Donation

Many local and global places of employment will double employees' and/or retirees' donations made in support of nonprofits and schools. Employees often overlook this benefit. Please check with your employer. You can transform your $500 gift to a $1000 gift - or a $5000 gift to a $10,000 gift! 
Also ask your employer about "Dollars for Doers" (or similar), these programs are a great way for you to contribute to our school without a donation. Instead your volunteer time 
The best way to find out if your place of employment offers Gift Matching for Donations or Volunteer Time is to ask your Human Resources Department.

St. Croix Catholic is a 501 (c) (3) with Federal Tax ID#41-1731931. We accept gift matching for any donation - Service Marathon, Tech Fund, Tuition Assistance program, Endowment Fund or just a general gift to the school. Thank you for taking the time to look into this!
"So many people don't seem to realize their employers will match their gifts - thus DOUBLING their gifts. Think of the impact if we all would just take the five minutes. Most companies have a simple log-in process. It literally takes five minutes and turns your $100 contribution into a $200 contribution.  Just like that!"
- 2017 Technology Fund donor