Legacy of Faith May 26, 2019 Update

Legacy of Faith Update
from Father Izen

Thank you all for supporting the Legacy of Faith Campaign! The response has been overwhelmingly positive with over 625 donors having pledged their treasure thus far; please know that it’s never too late to jump on board and support this effort. If a monetary gift is not possible for you at this time, please pray for the projects that will need to be initiated to preserve our beautiful churches. 

We have begun transitioning to the planning phase of the restoration and building projects. Pledges will start to be collected beginning in June 2019, according to your selected frequency.

As you can imagine, these efforts will increase the workload of many staff members. To make the best use of everyone’s time and yet keep you all informed of the exciting progress I will commit to giving you a monthly bulletin update along with updates on our web site and Facebook pages.

At St. Mary’s, the Resource Preservation Team has a solid plan in place and will continue to follow it with the needed re-pairs. At St. Michael’s, the restoration effort needs to be well coordinated and carefully considered as we want the ultimate outcome to be beautiful and spiritual while aligning with St. Michael’s historical architecture. The master plan from Miller Dunwiddie Architecture will serve as our overall plan for the restoration work. As final decisions are made about the work, please know that it’s only after prayerful consideration and asking for guidance from the Holy Spirit.
We are blessed to have many talented and engaged people in our parishes who have already reached out to share their in-sight and perspective on the upcoming work regarding both parishes. We welcome your ideas as input and would like you to send them to [email protected] or call 439-4400 ext. 206 and leave a message. I, along with my staff, will re-view these weekly and will direct your comments and questions to the appropriate people who are working on the projects.

Here are some of the initial highlights on the projects:
St. Croix Catholic School Endowment Fund
We have been able to immediately increase the endowment to include the planned allocation of the down pay-ments and specifically designated funds. As the 3-year period of payments on pledges continue, we are looking for-ward to the increased funding for the school from the larger distributions.
St. Croix Catholic School Strategic Fund
As Sister Maria Ivana has transitioned to her role as the SCCS Principal, she is working with Camille Kiolbasa, our Development Director, on the specific projects to leverage the Strategic Fund for academic excellence and in-creased student enrollment.
Our Recruiter & Family Ambassador, Becky Thomson, has been onboarded and her passion for our parishes and SCCS is making an impact. We have been able to showcase our school to additional families. It’s a goal to edu-cate our parish stakeholders and families more about the mission of St. Croix Catholic School and how it develops scholars, disciples and virtuous leaders.

St. Mary’s Preservation Fund
The following projects will begin in the summer and are planned to complete by end of this year
 Roof and steeple repairs and re-shingling
 Front step reconstruction
 Back parking lot improvements
 Church interior lighting improvements

St. Michael’s Preservation Fund
Confessional improvements will start in early June and are expected to complete in 4 weeks. I’m looking for-ward to more long lines for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in our more private and updated confessionals at St. Michael’s.

The main preservation effort will start this year right after Christmas and we are doing everything possible to get you back into the beautiful church by late spring 2020, maybe even in time for Easter?! During the preservation work, the church will need to be fully available for the construction, audio, lighting and painting teams. The Holy Mass is our highest priority and I am considering how to best leverage St. Mary’s and other locations within our campus to continue our current Mass schedule. It will be a bit of a juggling act to keep all activities going but I’m confident that we will figure out the details soon.

May God bless you for pledging, praying, volunteering and putting up with some temporary changes to keep the Catholic
Parishioners, alumni, current families, local businesses, and other  supporters are invited to participate in this Legacy of Faith campaign.
Note, you can make a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or annual gifts. 
Or, you can also print this pledge card, fill it out with your intended 3-year pledge, and mail to: 
Legacy of Faith campaign
611 Third Street South
Stillwater, MN  55082